High School Tour - 7/30/11 a.m.

 WOW!  Doesn't even look like the same place!!!

Our 20 Year Reunion!

Photos from the Summer 2006 Reunion in Oak Ridge. 20 years later...


Our 10 Year Reunion!

Share your photos from our Summer 1996 Reunion.....

Kristen Jones and Julie Smallridge visiting Santa at Proffitt's around 1978.  Check out the 'wings'!

Oldies but Goodies: Pre-school, Elementary & Jr High Days!

Upload those bell bottom and braces pics!!!


Our High School Years (aka: Big Hair Days!!)

Why Oh Why did they let us out of the house with the big hair and mullets?

Lynn Farnstrom Sierocki and family enjoying a day at Wrigley Field

Here we are NOW....

Upload current photos of what you're doing now along with your spouses, significant others, kids, pets, activities, etc.....

Wendy Bemis Kemp 1968-1999

In Loving Memory....

Please share photos of our classmates who've passed before us......